How To Open A Loft

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1. From the home page, select “Open A Loft” in the upper right navigation.

2. Once you arrive on the “Open A Loft” page, scroll down to the bottom to the registration form. Select “I am a vendor” and a drop down for more information will appear.

3. Once you’ve clicked “Register,” the setup wizard will open and you’ll click, “Let’s go.” From there, the “store setup” portion of the setup wizard appears. The default store products per page is set to 10. You may change this number. When you’re finished filling out the form, click “continue.”

4. Next, enter how you’d like to receive your payments, then click continue. As of now, you can choose to get paid directly and immediately via Paypal or choose to have your funds dispersed via bank draft.

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5. Your loft’s basics are setup and you’re ready to go to your loft’s dashboard. Click “go to your store dashboard.”

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