Getting to Know Your Artisan’s Loft Interface

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Welcome to your Artisan’s Loft Seller’s Dashboard. This is where you will be able to manage your loft. When you first login to your dashboard, you’ll come to an overview of your orders, reviews, products, and sales for the month as well as any Artisan’s Loft announcements.

To manage your products, click the products tab in the dashboard.

The next tab down is the orders tab. Here you can manage all of your orders.

The next tab is your coupons tab. Here you can create store coupons for your customers to use at checkout.

The next tab is the reports tab. This tab gives you an overview of your earnings, allows you to view and download statements, see what your top selling items are as well as a day to day overview of your sales.

The next tab is your reviews tab. Here you can easily see reviews left by your customers.

The next tab is the subscription tab. Here you can choose to upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Next is the settings tab. Here you can manage your store settings. When you clicked the settings tab to get here, you’ll notice the sidebar in the dashboard changed. The first tab is the store tab where you can set up your store banner and profile information.

Next is the payment tab. Here you’ll input your paypal email address to receive payments, or you can fill out your bank account information for withdrawing you store’s payments.

The next tab is the shipping tab. Here you can setup your shipping policies and default prices.

The next tab is the social profile tab. Here you can input links to your social media accounts to connect them with your store, making it easier for your clients to find you online.

The last tab is your store’s SEO settings. You have complete control of your your store’s search engine optimization (SEO).

When you’re finished in the settings tab, you can click the top tab that says, “Back to Dashboard.” Under the settings tab, you’ll see three smaller icons. The left icon allows you to visit your store.

The center tab allows you to edit your name, email address, and password.

The last tab allows you to log out of your seller dashboard.

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