How to Add a Listing to Your Loft

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To create a listing, login to your seller dashboard and in the left sidebar, select “products.” You should get the screen below.

From there, click “add new product” and a pop up box will appear.

Here, you can fill out basic information regarding your listing and upload photos. Select a product category, tags, and enter a description. You can click either “create product” or “create & add new.” If you click “create & add new” it will create your listing and give you the same pop up as the previous screen shot above. If you click “create product” you will be taken to a more detailed screen.

Once you’ve clicked “create product” you will be taken to the “edit product” screen. Here you can edit all of the details of your listing.

When you are finished, select “save product” and you will be returned to the “products” screen.