artisans loft


Welcome to Artisan’s Loft. An Artisan’s Craft. The World’s Market. We are uniting artisans with the people who love their work.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide creatives with an online platform to sell their work while keeping fees low so you can do more of what you love. Create.

The stigma of my younger years was that people couldn’t earn a living as a creator of art. Those days are gone and have been reimagined into what’s become an artist’s movement of 6-11’ers, weekend warriors, and midnight oil burners. For many, it’s allowed them the freedom to move away from corporate America and be their full time job.

Creating a marketplace for creatives that puts more money into their pocket stimulates the creative industry as a whole and provides artists the ability to try something new at their leisure or create a full time career.


Founded in May 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida.


The name Artisan’s Loft comes from a vision I’ve carried throughout the years of creators who have a burning desire to create, specifically works of art from their craft. I always had this vision of someone coming home and working late into the night on their craft in a room dedicated to them; hoping, dreaming, and feeding their need to create. After all, that’s what a Creative is, right? A creator. An artisan.

My name is Jen. I’m a photographer. My story is very similar. After being laid off of my corporate job, I chose to pursue my photography business full time. Although I continue to create beautiful portraits for every day women, I’ve also had a desire to create a global brand for “creativeprenuers.” Just like not all people are cut out for college, not all people are cut out for corporate America. I raise my glass and cheers to the start of something amazing.