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How to Duplicate a Listing

Many sellers need the ability to duplicate listings in order to make their listing creation process less time consuming. We make that easy. Once you’ve created a listing, all you have to do is select “duplicate” from the product screen and your listing is automatically duplicated.

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Setting Your Loft’s Policies

To create your loft’s terms, conditions, and shop policies, login to your seller dashboard. On the left hand side, select “settings.” The “store.” Scroll down until you see “Terms and Conditions.”

Select the checkmark that says, “Show terms and conditions in store page.” Then an expanded text field will appear.

Here you can write your stores terms, conditions, policies, etc.

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How to Add a Listing to Your Loft

To create a listing, login to your seller dashboard and in the left sidebar, select “products.” You should get the screen below.

From there, click “add new product” and a pop up box will appear.

Here, you can fill out basic information regarding your listing and upload photos. Select a product category, tags, and enter a description. You can click either “create product” or “create & add new.” If you click “create & add new” it will create your listing and give you the same pop up as the previous screen shot above. If you click “create product” you will be taken to a more detailed screen.

Once you’ve clicked “create product” you will be taken to the “edit product” screen. Here you can edit all of the details of your listing.

When you are finished, select “save product” and you will be returned to the “products” screen.

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Getting to Know Your Artisan’s Loft Interface

Welcome to your Artisan’s Loft Seller’s Dashboard. This is where you will be able to manage your loft. When you first login to your dashboard, you’ll come to an overview of your orders, reviews, products, and sales for the month as well as any Artisan’s Loft announcements.

To manage your products, click the products tab in the dashboard.

The next tab down is the orders tab. Here you can manage all of your orders.

The next tab is your coupons tab. Here you can create store coupons for your customers to use at checkout.

The next tab is the reports tab. This tab gives you an overview of your earnings, allows you to view and download statements, see what your top selling items are as well as a day to day overview of your sales.

The next tab is your reviews tab. Here you can easily see reviews left by your customers.

The next tab is the subscription tab. Here you can choose to upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Next is the settings tab. Here you can manage your store settings. When you clicked the settings tab to get here, you’ll notice the sidebar in the dashboard changed. The first tab is the store tab where you can set up your store banner and profile information.

Next is the payment tab. Here you’ll input your paypal email address to receive payments, or you can fill out your bank account information for withdrawing you store’s payments.

The next tab is the shipping tab. Here you can setup your shipping policies and default prices.

The next tab is the social profile tab. Here you can input links to your social media accounts to connect them with your store, making it easier for your clients to find you online.

The last tab is your store’s SEO settings. You have complete control of your your store’s search engine optimization (SEO).

When you’re finished in the settings tab, you can click the top tab that says, “Back to Dashboard.” Under the settings tab, you’ll see three smaller icons. The left icon allows you to visit your store.

The center tab allows you to edit your name, email address, and password.

The last tab allows you to log out of your seller dashboard.

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Can a seller have more than one Artisan’s Loft store?

As we continue to grow, we get a lot of great feedback from our sellers. One seller recently asked if they were allowed to have more than one store. The answer is yes. Artisan’s Loft is not subjected to being run by investors, is not a publicly traded company, and is happy to be a seller friendly community. As such, we realize many Artisans are not just good at one thing. They’re good at many, some of which can be profitable. If you multiple businesses you run and want to keep them separate, all you have to do is create a separate account with a separate email address to build each individual loft.

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How To Open A Loft

1. From the home page, select “Open A Loft” in the upper right navigation.

2. Once you arrive on the “Open A Loft” page, scroll down to the bottom to the registration form. Select “I am a vendor” and a drop down for more information will appear.

3. Once you’ve clicked “Register,” the setup wizard will open and you’ll click, “Let’s go.” From there, the “store setup” portion of the setup wizard appears. The default store products per page is set to 10. You may change this number. When you’re finished filling out the form, click “continue.”

4. Next, enter how you’d like to receive your payments, then click continue. As of now, you can choose to get paid directly and immediately via Paypal or choose to have your funds dispersed via bank draft.

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5. Your loft’s basics are setup and you’re ready to go to your loft’s dashboard. Click “go to your store dashboard.”

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Beta Testing For Sellers, Launched!

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We’ve officially launched beta testing for sellers. As we continue to build our seller network, we will work together to find problems, bugs, feature requests, support documentation, etc. Beta testers will have access to our private beta tester group and receive a one year pro membership for free for the first year after beta testing completes, which we anticipate will be approximately 6 months from now. If you’re interested in beta testing Artisan’s Loft as a seller, please use the contact form below. We will be in touch within 24 hours.

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Hello world!

artisans loft

Welcome to the Artisan’s Loft blog. I’m excited you’re here and interested in what is to come. Artisan’s Loft is an online marketplace for artisans, creators, DIYers, and more to connect with shoppers from around the world. Our fees are lower than larger online marketplaces, helping artisans keep more money in their pocket, giving them more time to do what they do best. Create. With that said, I’d like to welcome you to Artisan’s Loft!